Board of Directors

Texins Lake Texoma Club is governed by a 9-member Board of Directors, nominated and elected by the membership. Board members may serve two consecutive 3-year terms, and then must take at least one year off before serving again. Board members must be members of the Club in good standing (for two years) and may be nominated by any other Club member.

Board nominations are open from mid-August to mid-September each year. If you would like to nominate a member to run for the board, please email the office. Photos and bios of the candidates will be posted on the website after nominations have closed. A “Meet the Candidates” event will be held each September (see Event Calendar for details).

Elections are held online, using a secure voting platform. Each member will receive an email with their own unique voting link when the election begins, so please be sure we have your correct email address on file in the office.

2019 Board of Directors

Mark Kuneman

903-821-6668 cell
Lot 244

Jeff Hudgins

Vice President
972-633-3459 cell
972-747-1996 work
Lot 204

Joby Stevens

972-741-7365 cell
Lot 321

Mike Graber


214-797-4522 cell
Lot 329

Richard Pulliam

Maintenance Chairperson
214-622-5171 work
Lot 235

Ken Roesler

Rules Chairperson
903-647-0414 cell
Lot 14

Ken Brawley

Board Member
903-818-9975 cell
Lot 102

Tony Kaai

Board Member
903-821-8088 cell
Lot 134

Mike Loftin

Board Member
972-467-2678 cell
Lot 135