New Board Members for 2017

Since we only had 3 nominations this year, there is no need to hold an election. Below are our 3 new board members for 2017.

Mike Graber – Lot #329


I’m wrapping up my first term on the board.  I’ve served as the treasurer of the club for the past 2 years. We’ve been busy developing a new financial tracking and reporting tool which includes some automated features that generate monthly/quarterly e-mail statements. We’ve also been reworking some practices like adopting on-line bill payments.  These efforts have streamlined our financial and office practices resulting in reduced administrative costs. There is more work to be done, which is why I would like to be re-elected for a second term.

I have been with Texas Instruments working in various marketing, operations and management positions since 1985. My experience in managing people, budgets and program execution are key assets I bring to the board. The Texins board plays a significant role in keeping the club stable, financially healthy and ensures we continue to have a fun family place where everyone feels welcome. I feel that my background has supported me as a strong contributor to the board and the club. I would appreciate your vote.

Mark Kuneman – Lot #159


I have been a lot holder for 16 years now and have very much enjoyed being a part of this club. My wife, Cindy, and I have raised 2 children out here and as they are now grown, they still love coming to the lake every chance they get. The main reason we joined Texins was the security of being in a gated community. With 2 small children at that time, it was such a big factor.

I am the President of Gold Star Finance Corporation with 57 branch locations in the state of Texas. I have many years of experience working on different Boards and currently serve as a Board of Director for the Texas Consumer Finance, The Greater Texoma Utility Authority, and the past Chairman of The Denison Development Foundation. I feel I have much to offer being a Board of Director for the Texins Club.

It is very important to me and my family to do whatever it takes to make this a fun and safe place for all those who come to enjoy this piece of paradise. I am willing to serve in any capacity that would make this club a better place than when I came. I really enjoy being a hands on kind of person and doing whatever it takes to get something done.

I would appreciate your vote of confidence. Thank you.

Ken Roesler – Lot #14


Greetings fellow Texins Club Members. My name is Ken Roesler. My family and I have lot #14. I have had the pleasure of enjoying the Texins Club on Lake Texoma since the early 1970’s. It holds many wonderful childhood memories for me. The club’s enduring safe and family friendly environment encouraged me to share this gift with my children, so that they will have treasured memories as well. I was raised in Dallas and now live in the Texoma area. I grew up in a Texas Instruments family and worked for TI as I pursued a college education. I received a Doctorate degree in Law in 1996 and currently serve the Texoma area as a licensed Attorney.

I accepted my nomination to run for a position on the Board because I truly believe that my legal background and business experience could be beneficial to our club. I previously served on the board from 2013-2015. I enjoyed my time and responsibilities and look forward to helping once again if I am elected.

I treasure the unique gift we have as a club and also understand the importance of working hand in hand with the Corp of Engineers. I have a good understanding of the established rules and regulations of our club. I feel it is important to meet the needs of the club and its members.

I would be honored to serve you as a Board member and I truly thank you for your consideration.