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Texins Lake Texoma Club is open to any current or former employee of Texas Instruments or a legacy company (i.e., DSEG/RTIS, MEMC, Anderson, Excel, Liquid Air, Semiconductor Technology & Instruments). See Rules, Attachment “H” for more details.
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Lot Improvements

Plans must be submitted to the Development Chairperson for all new structures and changes to existing structures. This includes addition of new gravel driveways and extensive dirt work. Construction MUST NOT begin until plans are approved by the Club’s Executive Committee. See Rules, Part III, Section II for more details.
> Download a Construction Application (PDF)

Helpful Information

Club Fees
Recommended Contractors
Lot Map
Summary of Club Rules
Operating Procedures and Rules (PDF)

GATE CARDS: One gate card is included free with each membership. Up to three additional gate cards may be purchased from the office for $10 each.

LOT DIRECTORIES: Lot directories may be purchased by lot holders for $4 and are available in the office.

EMERGENCIES: If you need assistance, please contact the on-site manager at 903-786-3783. In case of a major emergency, please call Preston Emergency Services at 903-786-9595 and give the club’s name (Texins), address (137 Gateway Road) and the lot number.