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Most weekends, we’re all too busy relaxing to discuss business. But wouldn’t it be great to know if there’s a member who provides a product or service you need? Here’s your chance to help support member businesses, while also getting a business referral you can really count on. We’re just getting this directory started, so check back from time to time as it grows!

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Deb Waters
(Lot 319)
World Wide Deb
- Graphic Design
- Website Design
- Custom Artwork
Allen, TX
10% off for
Texins members
Cindy Neal
(Lot 103)
American Sprinkler Repair
Sprinkler Repair
Lewisville, Texas
10% off labor charges
for all repairs
Jimmy Davis
(Lot 116)
Gymco Enterprises
Bathroom remodeling, tile,
showers, tubs, walls, floors
and more since 1989
Allen, TX
Free grout sealer
with new tile flooring.
Free estimates.
Miller Hammond
(Lot 149)
NorTex Land Service
Welding, barns, decks, demolition,
dirt and gravel, skid steer work,
pipe/barb or barbless fencing, etc.
Tom Bean, TX
Free estimates &
discount for Texins

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