Summary of Club Rules

Welcome to Texins Lake Texoma Club! This club is here for the enjoyment of our members and guests, and we hope everyone has a fun and safe time while you are here. The following is a brief summary of our club rules. Our complete “Operating Procedures and Rules” are available in PDF format.

RULE COMPLIANCE: Each member agrees to abide by the operating procedures, rules and decisions of the Executive Committee. Violators of club rules are subject to disciplinary action and/or expulsion from the club. Club members are responsible and will be held accountable for the conduct of their guests.

SPEED LIMITS: The speed limit for all motorized vehicles throughout the entire site is fifteen (15) miles per hour. Operators of all vehicles are subject to the laws of the State of Texas.

ALL VEHICLES: All vehicles must operate within the stated 15 mph speed limit and in a safe and orderly manner. A licensed driver must operate all vehicles on the club property. All vehicles must be registered and tagged and street legal except for golf carts.

SWIMMING: Swimming in authorized areas is done at member’s risk. There are no lifeguards. Swimming in or around dock areas and boat ramps is strictly prohibited.

DOCKS: The use of the three large boat docks is prohibited without a dock permit.   Permits can be bought from the Resident Manager at the lake office. All boats are required to have a dock permit prior to using the docks. Note, the COE prohibits refueling at the docks or any non-authorized area.  Also, the cove inside the tire reefs is a no wake zone.

FIREARMS AND FIREWORKS: No firearms, air rifles, air pistols, or B.B. guns of any kind may be fired on the club site. Also, use of fireworks on club property is prohibited.

ANIMALS: Animals must be kept on a leash at all times while inside the club. Owners are totally responsible/liable for the behavior of their pets while on club property.

CHILDREN: Parents shall be responsible for the safety and conduct of their children.

GATE BREAKAGE: The gate is designed to allow only one vehicle through at one time – NO TAILGATING. Any member or guest that causes damage to the gate will be fined $100.

EXCESSIVE NOISE ORDINANCE: It is a violation for any person to make, permit or continue an unreasonably loud noise in the park. Unreasonably loud is any noise that is substantially incompatible with the time and location where it is created to the extent that it interrupts the normal peace and calm of the area.

OPEN CAMPING AREA: The Open Camping Area is available on a first come, first served basis. There is a small charge for the use of these areas, and the cost will vary depending on the type of facilities used. This fee is to be paid to the Resident Manager at the time of check in.

RESTROOMS: The restrooms are keypad locked for security.

ICE: Bagged ice is available at the large pavilion at a cost of $2.00 per bag. Please pay as you go!

EMERGENCIES: If you need assistance, please contact the on-site manager at 903-786-3783. In case of a major emergency, please call 911. You may also contact Preston Emergency Services at 903-786-2604 or the Grayson County Sheriff’s office at 903-893-4388 and give the club’s name (Texins), address (137 Gateway Road) and the lot number.