Notes/Highlights from the October Board Meeting…

1) “Office Highlights” from the Site Manager’s report for October included the successful sale of Lot #35. And over $650 in income was generated by our “large group of friends”, who come in annually at this time of year to camp. We truly appreciate them! Can’t wait until next year!

2) Lot inspections were completed. Those who were flagged for repairs/cleanup… that window has expired, unless you made other scheduling arrangements. Follow-ups will be made to see if anyone has not been compliant. Remember, some of these rules are club directed, but some of them are Corps rules.

3) Rules Chair Update: We are continuing to analyze the rules for any ambiguous language. In the interim, the rules that are posted (regardless of the date) will be what is adhered to and enforced. IF there is an issue with what is posted, please bring it to the board’s attention.

4) The last two events on the social calendar are scheduled for 10/20 and 10/27 — The Chili Cookoff, Horseshoe Tournament and Children’s Costume Parade/Hayride will be held on the 20th. The adult Halloween Party will be held on the 27th.

No one has yet volunteered for the Entertainment Chair position for next year. We are instead looking at an Entertainment Committee! Lisa VonBergen has graciously volunteered to lead such a committee. Several of you have mentioned that you’d like to help out on the entertainment activities, but can’t commit to helping on all of them – so the committee is the perfect solution. Contact Lisa ( if you’d like to be involved in one or more of the activities. And thank you, in advance!

5) The club is trending in the right direction. As shown in the open board meeting, properties are being sold and membership continues to rise!

6) The Corps of Engineers has asked for additional information regarding delivery, mailing addresses, etc. – so the expectation is that we are close to receiving our new lease. This lease is essentially holding up every major project (Wave Break, New Block Restroom, etc.) Calls go into the COE on a weekly basis, but this is the first sign that a new lease is close.

7) As many of you know, we are competing for a grant to renovate our water system. Unfortunately, we did not get selected in the first round. We are hoping that we make the second cut. Otherwise, we’ll re-file and try again next year, as our paperwork is in order.

8) Elections are currently underway and conclude October 27. There will be 3 new members of the board this time around. The 3 members coming off the board are: Lisa VonBergen (Secretary), James Mentesana (Vice President) and Joe Yule (President). We thank them for their contributions to the club!

9) Treasurer’s Report:

  • All outstanding fees and dues must be paid in full by the end of the year. Non-payment debt will ABSOLUTELY NOT BE ROLLED OVER into the next year.
  • Expect all fees and rates to increase in 2019 in conjunction with the completion of the COE lease renewal process.
  • Details on credit card usage for payments are being finalized and will be rolled out in the annual December renewal statements.
  • Payment for 2019 annual fees and dues will be accepted with payment in full (check, cash or credit card) or by setting up monthly credit card charges. QUARTERLY PAYMENTS WILL BE DISCONTINUED.
  • Each year, club revenue (and consequently, improvements that we can make) is impacted by outstanding accounts.  This requires changes to our billing procedures and practices to secure payment.

10) The lake is rising, and rising quickly. It is expected to reach 630.5’ by October 20th. Lot owners near the water need to keep an eye on this. That projected level is an estimate by the COE. It could be less but it could be worse. Already, you will notice that some things have been done around the club. Power has been disconnected and breaker boxes/lights taken off some of the lower elevation RV sites. There is no longer power going to the fish cleaning shed. The docks are rising and walkways to them are underwater. Boats should not be tied to the dock during this flooding. Hopefully the rain will stop, and water will start being released at a faster rate. Please be careful in the club – some roads are already underwater, and some more will be soon.

11) The upcoming November Meeting will include the newly elected Board Members and at this time, officers for 2019 will be selected. There is no meeting in December.